Steal These Documents

Need to write a letter?  Or build a list?  Or write some testimony?  Here’s a pile of documents people have written as letters or testimony about sand mining.

Feel free to steal anything you find.  Please take these ideas and bring them up at public meetings.  Take pieces and put them in letters to Board members.  Send them to your town and city representatives.  Hand them to local Chamber of Commerce members.  Talk about them over coffee.

Most are saved in a few different formats – hopefully one of them will work for you.   Click on the name of the topic to see that document.

BOA Process


Mine project testimony

Letters to the community

  • “Wake up call” letter to property owners on Highways 88, 37 and 35 — click HERE for the Word and HERE for the PDF versions


  • The “look at all those trucks!” map in the wake up call letter — click HERE for the PowerPoint version and HERE for the PDF version
  • More maps showing the conflict in land use issues between “coulee country” and “sand country”

Traffic Issues

  • Traffic issues on Highway 88 by Dave & May Nelson
  • Dangerous Intersections on Hwy 88 by Dave Nelson
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT) summary of the Traffic Safety Impact Analysis report on Hwy 88. This is the summary that was presented by a WDOT representative at the Rolling Acres public hearing on June 14, 2012. Click  HERE to view and download the document.

Address lists

  • Names and addresses of all property owners on Highways 88, 37 and 35 — contact me directly if you’d like these lists.  No way I’m publishing those to the Internet.