Testimony to the Buffalo County BOA, Zoning Committee and County Board

From Suzanne Schultz
S1386 State Road 88
Alma, WI 54610

To Members of the Buffalo County BOA, Zoning Committee and County Board:

My name is Suzanne Schultz and I reside at the address listed above.  My husband Ron and I purchased a 200 acre farm in 1988.  Ron was born and raised here and after I fell in love with Buffalo County, we decided to build a small retirement home and spend the rest of our lives here.

Our home and about 100 acres are on the south side of State Rd. 88 and we have another 100 acres on the north side.  Of course, this means that we are constantly crossing the highway for agricultural and recreational reasons.  I am extremely concerned about our safety and the safety of our neighbors if the R and J Rolling Acres permit is granted as proposed.

I would like a written record that I am opposed to all frac sand mining trucking on Hwy. 88.  Not only is this a renowned scenic highway, but it will be an extremely dangerous route for the volume of trucks proposed.  Please take into consideration all of the private entrances, the number of people who have to cross the road for agricultural purposes and the nature of the road itself.  Will these huge trucks be able to take the curves without crossing the centerline?  Who will be able to monitor the safety on this road?

I would also like it on record that I am opposed to all 24 hour trucking on any road in Buffalo County.  Some are becoming wealthy.  Some will have trucking jobs.  Most of us are just faced with property devaluation and loss of quality of life.  Tax paying citizens of Buffalo County deserve, at the very least, early mornings, evenings and weekends with zero truck traffic.  The mining companies keep telling you how many trucks they need and what hours of operation they need.  You have the power to control this trucking nightmare.

Furthermore, it is my opinion that the R and J Rolling Acres permit should be denied at this time.  There have been too many changes made to their original request.  This includes number of trucks and trucking hours.  The large wash plant is of great concern.  We were told at the site that the plan for this plant would not be written until they get their permit.  That is not acceptable.  What will the long term impact be over several generations?  What roads will be used to haul all the additional sand this plant will process?  Was there full disclosure?  If you approve this permit, will you be in keeping with the seven considerations in Section 212 of the Buffalo County Zoning Ordinance?  In what manner does this address, “Substantial justice to all parties involved?”  Does approving this permit as submitted, promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of this county?

In closing, I am not opposed to all frac sand mining, but it must be done in a responsible manner.  The decisions you are making are going to affect Buffalo County for generations.  Please take your time to read all of the information that you have received from concerned citizens.  Above all, do the research to determine the long term effects on this unique area of Wisconsin.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Schultz

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