Comparison of Buffalo County Frac Sand Mine CUPs

by Katherine Goodman

Feb. 26, 2012

Last week I put together a comparison of the frac sand mine conditional use permits based on information I gathered from Board of Adjustment notices, agendas & minutes.  Over this week I was successful in obtaining missing components from these materials by working with the County Clerk.

Today I have updated this comparison.  Keep in mind that this is a “working” project, as we identify new details we will update the files … no more frequently than weekly.

Six files are attached, each with a different comparison focus:

CUP Application & Approvals
Permitting & Agreements
Mine Operations
On-Site Functions
Frac Sand Hauling
Haul Route Impacts

Green   Highlights = Pending
Yellow  Highlights = Unknown (further research will be needed at the Zoning Office)
Orange Highlights = Caution

I’ve worked very hard to only use public record and not be influenced by rumor or bias with one exception.  Haul Route Impacts came from my own observations while driving all of the haul routes because there was little consideration or documentation of this point by the Board of Adjustments.

Click on each chart to see it in a larger (readable) form.