Letter to Zoning Committee – Sharon Kamrowski

From: Sharon Kamrowski
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 10:28 AM
To: Paul Van Eijl

Subject: zoning meeting items


Good morning, my name is Sharon Kamrowski and my family and I live on a farm on Kamrowski Road.

We have been hearing all kinds of items associated with the sale of Starkeys land across the road from us, with the possibility of Frac Sand mining, or putting a Frac Sand mine hub/spur there.  Also, the possibility of the very large and dangerous mega power poles that may run along the railroad tracks in front of our house.

We are very opposed to both of these items in our county, and especially across the street from my home.  This is very disturbing to know the beautiful country side we know and love may be turned into a horrendous polluting (chemical, stray voltage, light and noise pollution) area.

We farm and so do our neighbors, who are also opposed to both mega power poles and any type of frac sand mining or anything associated with that mining in our community.

The long and the short of it are these requests:
1.    Request for NO frac sand mining or any part that goes along with the mining (spurs, hubs, mountains of sand, etc) along Kamrowski Road, Prairie Moon Road, Indian Creek, or any back road leading to Cochrane/Buffalo City.
2.    Request that Kamrowski Road be zoned for a limited truck weight limit to cross both small bridges, so not to tear up the road or collapse the bridges.  A weight limit of 7 tons possibly posted on each bridge.
3.    Request that NO mega power poles run along the BNSF railroad line in front of the farms in Milton or Belvidere townships (this includes Litscher farm, Kamrowski farm, Bechly farm, Kriesl Farm and Greschec Farm —-to name a few) that run along Kamrowski Road, Bechly Road, Prairie Moon Road and Indian Creek Road.

Paul, please understand that I am not a politician and do not understand all this legal jargon.  I just want to save my home country lifestyle that I have grown accustomed to, as well as my neighbors.

Please let me know if I have not been clear enough or if I need to do something else to limit heavy truck travel on Kamrowski Road to help prevent these diabolical acts to our beautiful neighborhood

Thank you,
Sharon Kamrowski
Broadway Receiving

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