Lame-duck Zoning Committee prepares to rubber-stamp Glacier’s rail facility

As the pro sand-mining members of the County Zoning committee prepare to tiptoe off the Board and leave the rest of us with the wreckage of their decisions, they have one last treat in store.

The Glacier Sands transload facility is back and the Zoning committee stoutly resisted all attempts to defer the decision until the new County Board (the body that will have to cope with the consequences of their decisions) has been seated.

Instead, Tom Taylor rammed through a spectacularly aggressive meeting schedule that will bring the decision to the lame-duck Board on March 4th.  All done and delivered.  Here’s the proposed schedule:

  • Feb 11th — Presentation by Glacier, no public comment
  • Feb 13th — Public comment, possibility of decision
  • Feb 18th — As-needed meeting to make decision
  • Mar 4th — Consideration by the full Board

Yeah!  Now that’s responsive government!  Here’s a reminder-picture of what they want to approve.

Buffalo Country transportation hub

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