Next Steps – by Katherine Wood Goodman

February 26, 2012

Now that we have the attention of the County and a little publicity it is time that we do our homework and organize our voices to be as effective as possible. This is where I am focusing my time and attention, where are you focusing yours?  Do you want to help?  Do you have other points that you would like to bring forward?

 Critical Points Of Preparation

  • Organize our voices into a single entity for Buffalo County. For example, in Goodhue County they are the “Citizens Concerned About Possible Silica/Frac Sand Mining Operations In Goodhue County”
  • Prepare for the March 8th Board of Adjustment hearing on R & J Rolling Mines’ Conditional Use Application for frac sand mining & processing

 Ask for denial of the CUP application and resubmission in two applications:
— CUP application for frac sand mining
— CUP application for frac sand processing (washing/coating/drying)

 If not denied, request an additional public hearing if frac sand haul route is changed to State Hwy 37S because of improper public notification … meeting was not published in the Buffalo County Journal which serves the public on State Hwy 37S and cities of Nelson & Alma

  • Develop A Statement On Issuance Of A Moratorium for advance distribution and presentation at the next Buffalo County Board of Supervisors
    • Put specifics on the table, the resolution from the Zoning Committee is vague and does not mention frac sand processing or frac sand transfer points. Be concise!
    • Do not address rail spurs, they have to be addressed by another governing body (yet to be clarified)
    • Ask for an advisory group that includes private citizens as well as county legislative representatives to work during the moratorium period toward problem solving and win/win situations for our neighbor landowners and the public
  • Develop Talking Points On Frac Sand On-Site Processing (Washing/Coating/Drying)
  • Develop Talking Points On Frac Sand Transfer Points (to rail car or barge)
  • Develop Talking Points On Haul Routes Options Based on Mine Locations & Transfer Points:
    • Hwy 88S to Hwy 35S to Winona
    • Hwy 88N to Hwy 37SW to Hwy 35S to Winona
    • Hwy 37SW to Hwy 35N to Wabasha
    • Hwy 37NE to Hwy 10E to Osseo

By Katherine Wood Goodman

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