Tips for testifying at the Glacier-sands rezone hearing

Our Zoning Committee Chair laid down the rules for testimony at the yesterday’s preliminary meeting about Glacier Sands’ application for a rezone across from CFC School.  Here’s the long list of things that he instructed people they couldn’t testify about.

“Most importantly we will have only testimony regarding the rezone petition. Speakers must testify to the petition only. Comments about nonmetallic mining reclamation ordinance or nonmetallic mining policies and procedures, critiques of the zoning ordinance, anything about specific mines either permitted or in process, the conditional use permit that this application may evolve into, or critiquing the land resources staff or committee are not acceptable testimonies. ”

If he pulls the same stunt tomorrow here, according to Mr Taylor, are things that you CAN testify about tomorrow.

Glacier Sands – they’re the applicant (they signed the petition)

The landowners – “John & Patricia Starkey”  and “Robert L. Kamrowski”

Grain and sand – are listed as the products that “will be trucked to the site”

Highway 35 and 88 – are listed as the roads the grain and sand will be “trucked to the site via”

Trucks entering the intersection near the school – “Trucks will enter and leave the site off the intersection of USH [sic] 35/STH88″

250 truck loads a day – “The facility proposes to accommodate 250 total loads of sand per day, with approximately 60 trucks running each day”

Loadout facility – mentioned repeatedly

Mine sites – “Sand will come from mine sites near Mondovi, Gilmanton, and Montana”

Dust – the facility will “have fugitive dust controlled by use of dust suppressant and/or water trucks”

24×7 operation – “The facility will have the ability to load sand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”

Wetlands and waterways – “the proposed project has been discussed with both the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (for wetlands and waterways permits)”

The scenic highway – “within the scenic highway easement”

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