Trying to find some middle ground

I’ve been puzzling about frac sand stuff here on Frac Sand Frisbee for about a year, and it seems like it’s time to try to figure out a path towards some middle ground.  So I built me a model that I can use to both describe the problem (as shown in this first picture) and start describing a path out of it (in the second picture).  Then I made a 25 minute video that narrates all that for you.



Let me set expectations.  This is not an official position of anybody — drawing and exploring models like this one is just a thought exercise that I often go through when working on a hard puzzle.  So I’m pretty sure it’s not right (models are like that — they often miss something critical) but it’s a start.

I hope you’ll watch this and then maybe share it with some friends, or a group of friends, or a meeting.  It’s a conversation-starter, that’s all.  It’s got some ideas for things to do, but those may be wrong too.

All I know for sure is that leaving things the way they are is going to be unsatisfactory for everybody.  I’m hoping we can start working on a different approach.

Click HERE (or on the thumbnail) to watch the video.

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