Pictures of the Segerstrom mine

Several friends encouraged me to drive up Sand Road and take a gander at the Segerstrom mine.  Remember how mine promoters were telling us how they weren’t going to mine up by the bluff line because that’s not the area they were interested in?  The pictures tell the tale. Click on the pictures for the full-sized versions (yep, there’s a full sized backhoe in there).

Funny thing about that mine — they don’t have a place to haul their sand yet.  They aspire to have it go to Wabasha, but that’s a ways off.  Wait till they start hauling.


Photo info — Taken with Marcie’s Panasonic Lumix FZ150, 3 bracketed shots +/- two F-stops, HDR combined photo using Photomatix Pro.

Distribution license: Creative Commons Attribution.


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