Extend the moratorium

From: Erika Duellman
To: Roxanne Halverson
Subject: Extend the moratorium
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 12:38:27 -0700

Dear County Board Members;

As a taxpayer and concerned Buffalo County resident, I am requesting an extention of the Frac Sand Moratorium.

I don’t feel that the departments that are trying to get all the information that they need to make a recommendation are getting enough time or help to get this information, by the October 31, 2012 deadline.  Wabasha county has extended their moratorium for no less then a year so they can have the time to educate themselves.

I recommend that Buffalo County take the time and extend the moratorium to educate themselves and the the tax paying public.

Thank you for your time!  Please forward to all the county board members and put this on record that this request was made.

Erika Shields Duellman

Fountain City, WI

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