Monitoring analysis of the air surrounding a Chippewa Falls processing plant

Here’s a document that summarizes an air-monitoring project.  Sobering.

Monitoring Analysis of Air Surrounding a Chippewa Falls, WI Frac Sand Processing Plant

Brief Summary

Data from a monitoring project by Concerned Chippewa Citizens (CCC) shows strong evidence for detection of particulate matter emanating from the EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG) sand processing facility located in the Northeast corner of Chippewa Falls, WI.

Three questions are examined:

1. Is there reason to believe there are other sources of particulates that might affect either of the principal monitoring sites?

Answer: NO

2. Is there reason to believe the EOG site is producing off site particulate pollution?

Answer: YES

3. Is the particulate matter of sufficient quantity and/or quality to be a health hazard?

Answer: Quite possibly. This monitoring effort can not answer
this definitively. However, strong evidence of particulate matter
from the EOG plant at locations over a mile from the facility call
for a more intensive investigation by the Wisconsin DNR and
Department of Health.

Click HERE for a link to the whole report

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