A bad idea — slowing down in front of sand trucks

Just a quick note this morning to remind us all to stay focused on the goal — a win/win solution to this puzzler.

Bob Scow (soon-to-be-Mayor of Alma) just mentioned that people are considering an organized campaign to slow down in front of sand trucks passing through the county.  Here’s his note;

“Mike…  I received a phone message this morning wanting my opinion on a campaign on slowing down in front of these trucks on the highway.  As a former career law enforcement officer nothing good can come out of this.  It will just add to the frustration and increase the chance of a potential fatal mistake made by someone on our highways.  This idea is completely out of control.  If it is happening it has to stop.  Please appeal to people’s sense of what is right and wrong, and how this will hurt instead of help.  Apparently it is already occurring.  Thanks.”

I completely agree with Bob.  This is greed vs fear, win/lose thinking.  We have to stay focused on figuring out a win/win solution to this puzzler rather than advancing an “us versus them” approach.

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