Save the Praag Valley dugway

Let’s take a little drive north on Wisconsin Highway 88 — from about 2 miles south of the proposed R&R Rolling Acres industrial frac sand site, up over the Praag Valley Dugway.  They’re proposing to run up to 200 trucks a day over this very narrow road that rises and falls back down through an elevation-change of about 300 feet.

This is crazy.  This is one of the most dangerous roads in the County already.  We neighbors kinda keep score — there are usually 1 or 2 motorcyclists who crash on this dugway road every year.  And that’s when the weather is good.  Think about 200 heavy sand trucks traversing this road every day.

The trucks themselves are going to see a lot of wear and tear going over this road 10 times a day.  And the immediate neighbors are going to be listening to a lot of engine-braking.

Please please please reroute these trucks on a route that doesn’t traverse a dugway like this.  A 2-mile shorter, flatter, straighter, wider route would be;

— north on 88 to Sand Road (which would have to be improved, but hey I bet you could pay for the improvements out of the reduced costs of truck maintenance) to County B to Wisconsin 37 south to Wisconsin 35

Let’s take a drive…  All photos courtesy of Google Maps.  Click HERE for a link to the starting point of this driven in the “street view” of Highway 88 on the map.  And click HERE to see a video that I shot when I drove over the dugway a couple days ago on my way to the post office.


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